Optional Tours and Excursions

Walking among angels and elephants in Pécs – or the hidden message of decorative architectural motive
Date and time: 27 June (Thursday) 18:00

While strolling around the streets of Pécs, you may feel as if someone is watching you. However, it would be rather unnecessary to diagnose yourself with paranoia. Statues and various figures decorating walls of the buildings around the city are indeed staring at us from above and at times give the impression, they have something to tell us about.

In the course of our two hour long thematic walking tour we will let those figures speak. We will carefully observe the decoration on the facades, examine hidden details so that they would reveal for us how and when and, most importantly, why they were put to their present place. While peeping, you will learn about the fascinating history of the town, about architecture, art, everyday life and of course, about the Zsolnay saga. By the end of our walking tour, you will understand that motionless decorative elements on the buildings are in fact living creatures who tell us family stories, gossips, scandals, tales of rise and fall – and keep collecting stories. While you - unsuspicious onlooker - are absorbed in listening to them, they may already be busy recording their next story – right about you. Who knows? ... Keep your chin up!

Length of walk: 2 hours
Price: 15 EUR

Minimum number of participants: 10 people
Maximum number of participants: 30 people


Uphill the Tettye - Downhill the city – An unhurried stroll in a charming quarter of Pécs
Date and time: 29 June (Saturday) 15:00

As a matter of fact, the city of Pécs would not have come to being without the Tettye Hill, for people in earlier periods – meaning Roman, Paleochristian and Mediaeval time – literally used the stone material provided by the hill for building. As the size of the hill decreased, so did  churches, houses and walls around the city grow. And the result is amazing on both sides: a highland on the top encompassing the hill and a charming town down below.

It is breathtaking to look down from Tettye Hill! Over centuries, various inhabitants of the slopes were doing just the same: bishops, whirling dervishes, vine-growers, Bosnian maids and of course, the „uncrowned King of Tettye" with its innumerable cheerful guests... Nonetheless, they all ascended from the hill in the end, along the water-mills drawn by the swift brook. They took a few sips from the wine produced at the foot of the Mecsek, and were delighted by the flowers covering the slopes all around. Spotting a church tower, they sent a short prayer to the heaven either in Latin, Hungarian, German, Turkish or Serbian. Then returned with refreshed spirit, through the narrow serpentines, within the protecting walls of the city.

We will get to know the fabulous stories and secrets, flowers, rocks, one-time inhabitants of Tettye Hill and the slopes of the Mecsek while the Tettye Brook seethes under our feet. We turn in for a short pause to Tüke Borház, finally walk with a rather comfortable pace right into the middle of the city we just have seen from above.

Length of walk: 3 hours
Price: 16 EUR

Minimum number of participants: 10 people
Maximum number of participants: 30 people